Stem Intiative

Canonical Correlation Analysis

Student(s):  Nadia Jones, North Carolina A&T State University


SALSA project is funded by Microsoft research to investigate new programming models of parallel multicore computing and Cloud/Grid computing. It aims at developing and applying parallel and distributed Cyberinfrastructure to support large scale data analysis. Nadia Jones works on data mining of health data to find correlations between enviornment and patients data, using statistics tool R with cannonical correlation analysis method. This sub-project work synergistically as parts of SALSA project as data scalable data analysis research in Grid, biomedicine and particle physics.

Our purpose is to find cross correlated variables related to human health through the use of statistical analysis techniques. Our goal is to determine if there is a relationship between a group of patients and their surrounding enviornment. Our data consists of 635 patient records on 8 human and 97 enviornment variables.